With the introduction of the micro 2000 IP cameras and FLEXIDOME micro 2000 IP cameras, Bosch Security Systems, Inc. is once again expanding its successful network video systems portfolio. Wherever there is a need for a good product, at an affordable price, for a broad range of applications, micro 2000 IP cameras and FLEXIDOME micro 2000 IP cameras are the ideal solution. Providing more detailed images, the cameras are specifically designed for indoor areas with stable lighting, and their stylish design sets them apart. They come in two different versions, a microbox and microdome design.

These cameras are fully featured. The latest sensors and image processing technology from the professional security industry have been optimized for small business surveillance. “The micro 2000 IP cameras and FLEXIDOME micro 2000 IP cameras offer quality images for a broad range of applications,” explains Ian Crosby, Head of Product Management at Bosch Security Systems. “These new cameras provide the highest level of detail to match both your application and your budget. This makes them ideally suited for small- to medium-sized installations, like private homes or retail stores.”

Both cameras are designed as complete networked video systems. They include a Dropbox application for remote storage of recorded activity, while also benefiting from reduced bandwidth and storage requirements—up to 50 percent less in static scenes—due to intelligent Dynamic Noise Reduction. Furthermore, the Video Client PC software and the Live Viewer app from Bosch are available free of charge for reviewing live and recorded video on a PC or mobile device from any location with Internet access.

The micro 2000 IP cameras and FLEXIDOME micro 2000 IP cameras are ONVIF conformant and compatible with software and storage solutions from third-party providers. This is supported by the Integration Partner Program, which gives partners immediate access to online tools for easy integration. Further details on the Bosch Integration Partner Program are available at ipp.boschsecurity.com

Finally, the Bosch guarantee of quality and a three-year advance exchange warranty, bring complete peace of mind. Bosch offers smart cameras conforming to high quality and reliability standards. Installation, set-up, and operation are easily performed, plus minimal servicing and intuitive menu-driven interfaces keep costs and time to a minimum. These products are part of Bosch’s Advantage Line family, which offers products for smaller installations.