Hewlett Packard Enterprise Completes Industry’s First Open Infrastructure Portfolio for the Service Provider Market


PALO ALTO, Calif., March 8, 2016 — Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) today announced its open, cloud-optimized storage server, making HPE the only top-tier vendor to offer a complete open infrastructure portfolio with compute, networking and now storage server offerings. Today’s announcement also includes enhancements to HPE Cloudline servers and HPE Altoline network switches for service providers.

According to 451 Research, traditional hosting and infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) will grow from a $60 billion market in 2015 into a $70 billion market in 2016, and is set to double in size by 2019. Organizations are moving workloads from traditional shared, virtualized and dedicated infrastructure products to increasingly specialized infrastructure and application environments, including IaaS and Software as a Service. In turn, service provider implementation of managed services and alternative technology solutions, including OpenStack, are seen as potential points of differentiation. 1

The desire for rapid growth and the need for agility is encouraging service providers to explore open infrastructure as an option for building and managing cloud-scale data centers. These new technologies, which are built on open standards, bring economies of scale to data centers by enabling service providers to reduce operational costs, enhance efficiency and quickly adapt to changing business demands.

“Service providers are looking for the operational agility and faster data center integration that comes with deploying open infrastructures, while others value the integrated management and proven deployment capabilities that come with industry-standard offerings,” said Reaz Rasul, vice president and general manager, Global Hyperscale Business, HPE. “HPE is the only vendor that offers a choice of standard or open infrastructure solutions to accelerate business growth and provide service providers with the flexibility required to scale rapidly and cost-effectively.”

Compute for massive cloud storage.

With the explosive growth of data, service providers need to increase storage capacity while maintaining the smallest datacenter footprint possible. The HPE Cloudline CL5200 is a high density, multi-node storage server designed for service providers looking for high density storage with an aggressive $/GB to run cloud storage and data analytics applications. Built on open design principles to increase adaptability and facilitate IT integration, the HPE Cloudline CL5200 fits easily into a multi-vendor management environment.

HPE Cloudline CL5200 features minimalist bare-iron design and supports one or two compute nodes for various performance tiers. The server supports up to 80 large form factor hard drives to provide up to 640 TB of storage in a single 4U chassis.

HPE expanded its partnership with Scality in January 2016, to accelerate the adoption of software-defined object and file storage. Scality RING supports HPE’s industry standard x86 servers, and now includes certified support for the HPE Cloudline CL5200.

This partnership is designed to provide service providers with the flexibility, resiliency, and performance required to drive down the cost of storage at petabyte scale.