How to update DIVAR IP 3000 / DIVAR IP 7000 with new BVMS 4.5.8

BVMS 4.5.8

How to update DIVAR IP 3000 / DIVAR IP 7000 with new BVMS 4.5.8?

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This article describes how to update existing
DIVAR IP 3000 (DOM rev.1.0 / image version or
DIVAR IP 7000 (DOM rev. 1.0.x )
from BVMS version 4.5.1 to the new package with BVMS 4.5.8
This is called the “BVMS 4.5.8 based upgrade package”.

This version of BVMS is specifically designed for DIVAR IP customers and must not be used for other purposes, if not approved by the business unit ST-ESS.
Please be aware that new ordered DIVAR IP 3000 / DIVAR IP 7000 might be shipped with this new version (e.g. DIVAR IP 3000 with DOM rev.1.2 / image version

Related order numbers:

  • DIP-3042-2HD
  • DIP-3042-4HD
  • DIP-3040-00N (with HDDs inserted)

BVMS 4.5.8

  • DIP-7082-8HD
  • DIP-7080-00N


In case the DIVAR IP 3000 / DIVAR IP 7000 is running BVMS 4.5.1 the updates
(provided in section Solution) can be downloaded and installed on the DIVAR IP 3000 / DIVAR IP 7000 as described in this article.


There are new software versions available (see list here below).
Those version do address product enhancement described in the Releasenotes provided in the downlad package.

New Versions:

  • Bosch Video Management System (BVMS) 4.5.8
  • Video Streaming Gateway (VSG) 05.60.0073
  • Internal Transcoding Service 05.60.0073


The following steps have to be performed in order to upgrade an existing BVMS 4.5.1 installation on a DIVAR IP 3000 or DIVAR IP 7000 series storage device:

  • When the BVMS default screen is shown, press CTRL + ALT + DEL
  • Hold down the SHIFT key while clicking Switch User
  • Log in as BVRAdmin


To update the DIVAR IP 3000 / DIVAR IP 7000 from BVMS 4.5.1 to BVMS 4.5.8
first download the Software Update package from here:

In case you can not download the package via the link using IP please use the name address:

Please download and read as well the attached Installation note (PDF) “IN_DIVAR_IP_3000_7000_ma_en_V1.pdf” which describes how to connect a DIVAR IP 3000 / DIVAR IP 7000 to the internet. This Installation note is important and users are requested to read it carefully and especially the section “Protecting the system from unauthorized access”


Transfer the SwUpdate package provided with the above link to the DIVAR IP and unzip the file.
The following two directories will be available:

  • Fixes
  • SWUpdateDIVAR3000_7000_1_0_BVMS 4.5.8


  1. Fixes / ActivationFix:
    In case the text “Windows Server 2008 R2 .. This copy of Windows is not genuine” is displayed at the Windows Desktop on the right lower part, please navigate to the directory “Fixes” of the SwUpdated package and unzip “”. Right click on the unzipped file “ActivationFix.cmd” to execute the batch with “Run as administrator”. Confirm the UAC dialog request with click on “YES”. Windows will reboot after that. Login to windows as user “BVRAdmin” to proceed with the next update steps.


  1. BVMS update to 4.5.8 including related software:
    Navigate to the directory “SWUpdateDIVAR3000_7000_1_0_BVMS 4.5.8” in this Software update package.
    The script will make sure the following services are stopped before starting the upgrade process: Bosch VMS Central Server, Bosch VMS DVR Adapter, all services starting with Bosch Mvs …
    Then run the “UpgradeBvms4DivarIp.cmd” as Administrator as well (right click  “Run as Administrator”).
    Confirm the UAC dialog request with click on “YES”.
    Attention: When Bosch VMS Setup asks to restart the computer press ‘No’, the batch file will restart the computer later;
    Follow the installation procedure without changing any settings


  1. In order install BVMS Operator Client on a separate workstation for remote viewing the following steps have to be performed:
    – Double click Setup.exe inside the Setup directory
    – Accept the security message
    – In the Welcome screen deselect all check boxes other than Operator Client;
    – Follow the installation procedure